San Diego Welcomes Summer with Lots of Fun and Events

San Diego is one of the major cities in California USA. It is immediately adjacent to the Mexican Border.

San Diego is the 8th largest city in California and the second largest in California.

The climate here is quite good.  It’s chilly and sunny but never had the winter cold.  When San Diego first experienced snow, that was 44 years ago.  Yes, San Diego rarely or never experiences snow during the winter time which is good for the San Diegans.  

They get to enjoy the cold chilly weather without the hassle of snow.  In summer, it doesn’t really get hot though the sun is up and they get to enjoy the longer days of summer.  When things heat up in Los Angeles, San Diego weather remained to keep its cool.

Definitely, San Diego is one of the best places to be in America.  Nice place and nice weather make it good all together.

So what else should we expect in San Diego this summer season?

If you happen to live in San Diego or just one of those visiting the area this summer, this is the best time to enjoy your stay.  We have lots of activities and events lined up for the entire summer season.

Starting June 1, summer fun in San Diego will begin to heat up. With all the shows, concerts and events lined up for the entire summer season, you should really have to do your daily round-up to keep up.

The first week of San Diego summer would likely be a reminiscing time.  BoyzII Men, New Kids on the Block and Paula Abdul would all be there to entertain you and bring the memories of the past back again.

The following day June 2 will take you on to another level of music sensation. Hit a sway with a Spanish guitar at the Taste of Baja Music and Wine Festival. There will be unlimited food and wine tasting with a Spanish guitar playing as your background.

There will be balloon and wine festival too at the Temecula Valley Balloon.

June 3 will take you on a new experience of outdoor music and a comedy trolley up on to an experimental pop by Lewis Del Mar.

That’s not all, there’s more on June 4, you get to enjoy the brass band with Hot 8 Brass Band at the House of Blues. There’d be surfing contest and coffee as well.

Break it down. that’s just a little of too many things to happen here in San Diego.  So while the summer sun is up, get out to have some fun and excitement.  Summer isn’t here to stay to we really have to take advantage of the moment while it’s here to savor.

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