Jahji Ling Takes Final Bow to the San Diego Symphony Orchestra

San Diego Symphony Orchestra is one of the finest orchestras in the country today.  Their musicality transcends those in the typical performances of the usual orchestra.

Members of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra comes from a very diverse group. Each musician in this group comes from different communities, different cities, and countries.

This orchestra works together to make San Diego a better place to live in with plenty of enjoyable things to indulge with like music.  San Diego Symphony Orchestra stages a regular concert from October to May at Copley Symphony Hall.

As an active member of the community, the San Diego Symphony Orchestra is involved in school, church, and civic groups.

The Symphony is active not only on stage but they are active off stage too. One of the pride of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra is Jahja Ling who works for the symphony as a musical director.

He is one of those persons who worked hard to make San Diego Symphony Orchestra performs at its best off and on stage.

However, Maestro Jahja Ling will stage his final performance with the symphony.  Jahji Ling’s musical directorship give the San Diego Symphony Orchestra a different tone and vibrancy with their music.

Ling’s dynamic mind in music resiliency has brought the symphony to an entirely different level.  

Farewells may not always be sad goodbyes but the idea of separation still gives a painful sensation to mind especially those people whom you worked with for a long time.

Jahja Ling’s farewell is both sad and happy.  Sad that he will be leaving behind the orchestra which he served and loved as a family for a long time.  Happy that he will be leaving with happy thoughts and happy music that will linger on forever.

The legacy that Jahja Ling’s music left behind is really something we all should treasure especially those who are members of the symphony orchestra.

Ling is not only a musical director to them but also a father who guided them tirelessly with their musical journey and even on their own personal ones.

Ling’s magical baton would give its final command to the San Diego Symphony Orchestra but just like his other concerts and performances.  He will sure to be delivering the best of the best in his finale concert.

Take the time to witness the finale performance of Maestro Ling as he set the curtains down on his career with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra as he chose another path of his life as a person and as a music man.

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