Jahji Ling Takes Final Bow to the San Diego Symphony Orchestra

San Diego Symphony Orchestra is one of the finest orchestras in the country today.  Their musicality transcends those in the typical performances of the usual orchestra. Members of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra comes from a very diverse group. Each musician in this group comes from different communities, different cities, and countries. This orchestra works […]

San Diego Welcomes Summer with Lots of Fun and Events

San Diego is one of the major cities in California USA. It is immediately adjacent to the Mexican Border. San Diego is the 8th largest city in California and the second largest in California. The climate here is quite good.  It’s chilly and sunny but never had the winter cold.  When San Diego first experienced […]

Tao and Francis Together on the Mainly Mozart Festival Orchestra

Conrad Yiwen Tao, the American composer, pianist, and violinist. Tao was born in Urbana, Illinois to a Chinese-American engineer Sam Tao and MingFang Ting, a research scientist.  Both parents were born in China and earned doctorate degrees at the Princeton University. Tao was said to just overhear his sister playing piano and since then at […]

Rock Legend Gregg Allman Leaves a Legacy of Good Music

Rock Music Legend Gregg Allman passed away at age 69.  According to Allman’s manager, Michael Lehman, Allman wanted to keep everything in private, when he feels that he is already nearing death. Lehman said that Allman wanted to play his music until he couldn’t. Gregg Allman was born Gregory Lenoir Allman, an American musician, singer, […]

San Diego Theaters Filled with Plays and Musical this Summer

What’s happening now in San Diego?  With the summer season all set now, so is SanDiego’s Music and Theater activities.  There’s a lot to look out for this summer in San Diego’s theater and music events. Let’s look at them one by one and see what is in store for us this summer season.  Let’s […]

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